Summer Camp schedules released in late March. All other specialty/holiday camp information will be posted here when those camps are scheduled. 

Our children’s programs are founded on experiential learning and national STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) standards. At the SDC we take STEM a step further and make it STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, ART and Mathematics) because we believe that you need to include the creative element for a comprehensive educational experience. We tap into your child’s curiosity with fun and exciting hands-on activities taught by qualified professionals.

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SDC Summer Camp 2021

June 1-4
Dinosaurs Rock

Welcome to the study of Dinosaurs, because Dinosaurs Rock! Our paleontologists will learn about different types of dinosaurs, dig for fossils as well as create their own, and make volcanoes erupt.

June 7-11
Splash of Color

This week we will dive into our artistic ability and encourage creativity. Campers will learn how to mold clay and use a canvas to paint a picture. Special guests will teach art task-specific instruction. By the end of the week, we will create a masterpiece!

June 14-18
Whimsical World of Wonder

Join us for a week full of fairy tales and magic spells. Our pre-k campers will explore storytelling and magic kingdoms. Older campers will learn about herbology and wizardry. Collect your wand and broom to begin exploration and participate in the dual of wizards and witches.

June 21-25

Ewwwww! Yuck! What’s that smell? There’s no better place to experiment with different substances than the SDC lab. Learn about chemistry and biology, with hands-on instruction. Campers will have the opportunity to make their very own slime.

June 28 – July 2
Who Lives on the Farm?

Learn about life on a farm and what role each animal has. Get up close with farm animals as we will have many visitors. A day of farm life can be tough but full of exciting chores and our farm visitors will make this week a memorable one.

July 12-16
Goin’ Buggy

Did you know about 80% of animal species on Earth are bugs? We will learn how insects provide natural services for us that we take for granted. They are pollinators, undertakers, decomposers, garbage collectors, and natural fertilizers of our planet. This week we will learn about different types of bugs and study their importance.

July 19-23
Pirates & Mermaids and Under the Sea

For hundreds of years pirates sailed the salty seas looking for treasures. Throughout these journeys, many pirates and sailors told stories of mermaids. This week we will discuss these tales and voyages, look at the beauty of the ocean and maybe even walk the plank.

July 26-30
Creepers and Crawlers

Join us for a week of meeting our reptile ambassadors and the reasons for their spikes and slime. Experience up-close encounters with invertebrates, reptiles, mammals, birds, and more.

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